WWLL Annual Fall Meeting Is September 11th

Attention all coaches, officers and executive board members, the WWLL fall meeting is on Sunday, Sept 11th at 7:00pm PST.  The Zoom link will be sent out on the WWLL Google Groups e-mail distribution list.  Make sure every coacn and every officer in your program has subscribed themselves to that e-mail list. 

Meeting attendance is required to be in the WWLL for the 2023 spring season.

At least one person from each team must attend but it's strongly recommended that the head coach and a club officer both participate. Multiple individuals are welcome to attend. Teams that miss the league meeting or fail to name their proxy in advance will be fined a minimum of $50.00 and run the risk of not being included in the WWLL Spring 2023 season.

Divisions & Teams:  Proposed WWLL divisions and team placements are now live for league membership inspection before the fall meeting. Some new teams have formed and some teams would like to move divisions. 

Click Here to see the proposed team placements.

Click Here for the Zoom. 

Posted on : August 25 2022

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